Under Construction

In a flash of light I landed at a land in a far off dimension of space and time. The inhabitants scurried around and waved their hands in front of their faces. A fine layer of dust floated through the air and landed on my skin. I lifted an eyebrow and glanced in the distance … Continue reading Under Construction

Tell Me Lies

I lifted my leg up and pulled it tight into my chest. My eyes drifted over the grass in front of me. I looked over to see the ferret on the log behind me. His black eyes seemed to examine my body. I closed my eyes for a moment. A soft breeze lifted up the … Continue reading Tell Me Lies

Getting Lost

My thigh muscles felt sore as I lifted up in the saddle. I glanced around the wooded path. The trickle of a stream ran in the distance. Each tree and trail appeared the same. The smells of the forest filled my lungs. My chest tightened as a familiar realization hit me. I was lost. Lost … Continue reading Getting Lost

Thought Reader

When it comes to roleplay there seems to be three concepts that get debated the most: thought-emoting, metagaming, and god-modding. People are either for or against them; for various reasons. Thought-Emoting: This is when a person puts their thoughts into an emote. The majority of thoughts fall into the category of telling. They also tend … Continue reading Thought Reader

Flags Where?

"Sadie, you just have to come." The urgent message came across my screen.* The crisp clean air caressed my skin as I pulled up the collar. My eyes fixed on the glow of the flames. A twig snapped as the bunnies bounced around the area. "Have to come where?" My breath drifted out onto the … Continue reading Flags Where?

The Gift

I'm Just By The Tree A chill rushed up my body as I sat on hard ground. My eyes squinted at the pink snowflakes that fell from the sky. A blanket of white snow surrounded me. I inhaled the crisp clean air as my eyes examined the small houses that lined the area. Bells jingled … Continue reading The Gift

The Good Girl

Last night I went outside and stood in the darkness. A shimmer of moonlight danced across the garden as leaves rustled in the distance. Then a swoosh and high pitched squeal from a bat raced through the area. I glanced up and around but saw nothing. It came again from up higher. So I searched … Continue reading The Good Girl

How are you?

Skipping in a spa fully dressed It seems like a simple question; "How are you?" And one that people get asked a lot. At least I do in just about every conversation that I have. When it comes to the question I have found: Some just ask as polite idle chit-chat. They don't really look … Continue reading How are you?