Turn A Corner

The wind blew against my delicate skin and I let out a soft breath. My feet moved along the deck and I found a place to sit and stretch out. The waves crashed in the distance. A strange roar from the ocean filled the dark pink sky. The orange glow from the moon reflected upon … Continue reading Turn A Corner


I walked along the path and saw the white dandelion ahead. It's large white head blew gentle in the breeze. I walked over to it, leaned down, and closed my eyes. I wished for the thing I wanted. I blew on the dandelion and opened my eyes. The little white stems flew up into the … Continue reading Wishes

Under Construction

In a flash of light I landed at a land in a far off dimension of space and time. The inhabitants scurried around and waved their hands in front of their faces. A fine layer of dust floated through the air and landed on my skin. I lifted an eyebrow and glanced in the distance … Continue reading Under Construction

The more things change

"plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose""the more things change, the more they continue to be the same thing"Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr Les Guêpes, July 1848 Yet; the only constant in life is, change. In either large or small ways things change. They evolve. Our understanding, thoughts, feelings about them change. The other day I … Continue reading The more things change

Concert for one

The harp sat in the corner. A fine layer of dust covered the room of the small cottage. My nose wrinkled as I fought back a sneeze. I rubbed my damp palms over my pants. My heart beat a little faster. The clock ticked off the seconds in the corner. I tilted my head. I … Continue reading Concert for one

Thought Reader

When it comes to roleplay there seems to be three concepts that get debated the most: thought-emoting, metagaming, and god-modding. People are either for or against them; for various reasons. Thought-Emoting: This is when a person puts their thoughts into an emote. The majority of thoughts fall into the category of telling. They also tend … Continue reading Thought Reader

Polar Bear

I sat and stared at the flames in the fire. The snowflakes fell from the sky. A polar bear with a Santa Hat wobbled and slid around the snow covered ice. It fell but then got up again. Wobbled some more. Then scampered around the corner out of sight. I sat and watched it. Each … Continue reading Polar Bear