Under Construction

In a flash of light I landed at a land in a far off dimension of space and time. The inhabitants scurried around and waved their hands in front of their faces. A fine layer of dust floated through the air and landed on my skin. I lifted an eyebrow and glanced in the distance … Continue reading Under Construction

To Know Me

I glanced over the side of the hot air balloon basket and waved to the people on the ground. My heart beat faster the closer to the edge I stood. A smile formed on my face at how small things on the ground seemed. My eyes darted to the birds that flew through the air … Continue reading To Know Me

Tell Me Lies

I lifted my leg up and pulled it tight into my chest. My eyes drifted over the grass in front of me. I looked over to see the ferret on the log behind me. His black eyes seemed to examine my body. I closed my eyes for a moment. A soft breeze lifted up the … Continue reading Tell Me Lies

A Day At The Beach

The other day I stopped by a nude or swimsuit only beach and found a comfortable lounge chair. The waves crashed in the distance and I let my eyes scan the crowds. That is when I noticed an unusual thing; most people had clothes on. A few were in suits, one jeans and a top, … Continue reading A Day At The Beach

The more things change

"plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose""the more things change, the more they continue to be the same thing"Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr Les Guêpes, July 1848 Yet; the only constant in life is, change. In either large or small ways things change. They evolve. Our understanding, thoughts, feelings about them change. The other day I … Continue reading The more things change

Two Mice and I

Mice and I sharing a balloon ride After the hot air balloon took off into the air, two little mice came out from the side. Their cute little Santa hats matched. They huddled together on the edge. I smiled. They deserved a ride too. We looked out at the scenery. All of the snow covered … Continue reading Two Mice and I

Polar Bear

I sat and stared at the flames in the fire. The snowflakes fell from the sky. A polar bear with a Santa Hat wobbled and slid around the snow covered ice. It fell but then got up again. Wobbled some more. Then scampered around the corner out of sight. I sat and watched it. Each … Continue reading Polar Bear

Three Little Signs

Seriously? I closed my eyes tight as I landed in a whoosh of bright light. I blinked as the light disappeared. A chill raced up my feet as my heart pounded. I held my stomach for a moment. A familiar musky smell filled the air as my eyes glanced through the fog. I had been … Continue reading Three Little Signs

Good Fences

The old boards creaked under my feet as I walked to the middle of the bridge. I stopped to stare at the missing section of fence. The river flowed beneath. Its song filled the air and soothed my heart. I leaned against the railing behind me. The sky turned a red-orange hue that set the … Continue reading Good Fences

Wildest Dreams

Darla adjusted her posture as she sat on the hard floor of the dance club. Her eyes scanned the book her slender fingers held in front of her. She plucked a strand of long black hair off her bare leg. Workers moved around her as they continued to put up the last of the decorations … Continue reading Wildest Dreams