Voting is an important part of the democratic process. It gives each of us a voice in who are representatives are and about other matters. Voting is a right that we all should take advantage of. There are only 13 days left so it is important to have a game plan. Check with your states... Continue Reading →

Auto-Response Messages

In the Firestorm Viewer the following communication status options have an automatic response. Unavailable (busy)Auto-responseAuto-response to non friendsAway modeMuted (blocked) Avatars Reject Teleport OffersReject Friend Requests A default message shows up in each of the fields; and each can be customized. I have seen some cute auto-response messages that people have come up with for... Continue Reading →

Blog Awards

Pondering in the shadows I stopped for a moment to gaze out at the view as a group announcement popped up on the screen. I glanced over at it. It was to announce that voting for blogger awards is now open. I scrunched my face as I clicked the button and scanned over the list.... Continue Reading →

Conference Chat

I have noticed a disturbing trend with stores and sims; automatic enrollment in IM Conference Chats. This has happened with groups from stores and sims that I have dropped. And from stores and sims I never joined the group or signed up for the subscriptions from in the first place. Some of the owners of... Continue Reading →

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