Adult Systems

The other day I got a notification of an update for a product with a name I didn't recognize. I wrinkled my forehead and did a search of my inventory for the item. The item and a landmark for the store did not come up. Out of curiosity I followed the landmark in the notice … Continue reading Adult Systems

Banned? Really?

Every now and then I go through my landmarks to see if they are still good. Or to go back to a favorite location to sit and take in the atmosphere. It can help clear my head if I run into a writing block. The other day I did that. I went to what I … Continue reading Banned? Really?

It’s My Blog

For a time I did reviews of sims I visited. It was the original reason I started this blog. A sim I had done a review of wanted to be informed of all blog posts and pictures posted online. Even if the blog post only had a picture taken on the sim. They wanted to … Continue reading It’s My Blog

Blog Awards

Pondering in the shadows I stopped for a moment to gaze out at the view as a group announcement popped up on the screen. I glanced over at it. It was to announce that voting for blogger awards is now open. I scrunched my face as I clicked the button and scanned over the list. … Continue reading Blog Awards

Grant Permission?

When it comes to granting permissions in Second Life users have to be careful. One second you are just minding your business and the next you have accepted a hug, bite, or something else from a stranger. I recently ran into the following in two stores and a club: The object ______ wants access to … Continue reading Grant Permission?

Wildest Dreams

Darla adjusted her posture as she sat on the hard floor of the dance club. Her eyes scanned the book her slender fingers held in front of her. She plucked a strand of long black hair off her bare leg. Workers moved around her as they continued to put up the last of the decorations … Continue reading Wildest Dreams


Studying Since my last blog post on Group Discussions in Second Life I have gone to several in Second Life. I go to them to learn from the moderators and participants. To hear from their points of view and to keep an open mind about the subject. Because even though I have knowledge and experience … Continue reading Studying

Fairies Dancing

Watching the fairies dance on the water As I gazed out upon the water the fairies bathed in the morning sunbeams. The tiny droplets of moisture floated through the air as I inhaled deep. I rested my arms against the warm stone fence and watched them twirl around. A perfect dance between them and the … Continue reading Fairies Dancing

Easter Town

Listening to all the cheers from all the candy left out After a long day of bunny duties I decided to strip out of my outfit and head on over to Townies Easter Town. The floating bubble is a favorite way of traveling around the town to see all the different things. Of course a … Continue reading Easter Town