A Day At The Beach

The other day I stopped by a nude or swimsuit only beach and found a comfortable lounge chair. The waves crashed in the distance and I let my eyes scan the crowds. That is when I noticed an unusual thing; most people had clothes on. A few were in suits, one jeans and a top, … Continue reading A Day At The Beach

Banned? Really?

Every now and then I go through my landmarks to see if they are still good. Or to go back to a favorite location to sit and take in the atmosphere. It can help clear my head if I run into a writing block. The other day I did that. I went to what I … Continue reading Banned? Really?

Getting Lost

My thigh muscles felt sore as I lifted up in the saddle. I glanced around the wooded path. The trickle of a stream ran in the distance. Each tree and trail appeared the same. The smells of the forest filled my lungs. My chest tightened as a familiar realization hit me. I was lost. Lost … Continue reading Getting Lost

Auto-Response Messages

In the Firestorm Viewer the following communication status options have an automatic response. Unavailable (busy)Auto-responseAuto-response to non friendsAway modeMuted (blocked) Avatars Reject Teleport OffersReject Friend Requests A default message shows up in each of the fields; and each can be customized. I have seen some cute auto-response messages that people have come up with for … Continue reading Auto-Response Messages

Have You Ever?

The "Have You Ever" challenge caught my eye on the Second Life Challenge Blog. There is an image of options to pick of things that a person might have done. I am going to list them out with my answers: Owned a Region: Nope. Created Content: Yes. Went to a live music event: Yes. There … Continue reading Have You Ever?

Commercial Interruption

The following commercial interruption is brought to you by: Star Wars and Star Trek. Specifically the commercials featuring Mark Hamill and Patrick Stewart. I am in no way endorsing the product being sold in the commercial. I am only laughing at the commercials. I have been a big Star Wars fan since I saw the … Continue reading Commercial Interruption

I’m Responsible?

As I stared down at the bill in front of me, I wrinkled my forehead. My eyes narrowed as I stared at the strange "customer service" charge. I scanned over to see the new $10 charge. I scratched my head and let out a deep breath. After I checked my notes I recalled what the … Continue reading I’m Responsible?