Email Address?

Caught in a web A few months ago I went exploring and landed at a delightful and cute small sim. It was one of those that just makes a person smile. Then I started to get subscription notifications about events coming up. The notifications included a notecard with a hud and instructions on how to... Continue Reading →

Have You Ever?

The "Have You Ever" challenge caught my eye on the Second Life Challenge Blog. There is an image of options to pick of things that a person might have done. I am going to list them out with my answers: Owned a Region: Nope. Created Content: Yes. Went to a live music event: Yes. There... Continue Reading →

Commercial Interruption

The following commercial interruption is brought to you by: Star Wars and Star Trek. Specifically the commercials featuring Mark Hamill and Patrick Stewart. I am in no way endorsing the product being sold in the commercial. I am only laughing at the commercials. I have been a big Star Wars fan since I saw the... Continue Reading →

Grant Permission?

When it comes to granting permissions in Second Life users have to be careful. One second you are just minding your business and the next you have accepted a hug, bite, or something else from a stranger. I recently ran into the following in two stores and a club: The object ______ wants access to... Continue Reading →

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