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Every year like clock work the day of ones birth comes around. In Second Life it is known as ones Rez Day. In real life it is ones birthday. Birthdays are about celebrating life. It is to celebrate the person being part of this universe and how their life might have touched others. To celebrate…

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Kindness Matters

There are times when I sit and stare at a blank screen. The small little blinking line taunts me to move it across the page. Sometimes it is because I can’t seem to think of something to say. Then other times, I have so many different ideas floating around my head, I am overwhelmed. I…

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I took a deep breath of the crisp air and walked through the wildflowers in the area. My mind focused as a familiar energy filled the air and wrapped around my body. I looked down at the path and noticed my footsteps in the dirt. The sirens started to call out from the trees. I…

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To Know Me

I glanced over the side of the hot air balloon basket and waved to the people on the ground. My heart beat faster the closer to the edge I stood. A smile formed on my face at how small things on the ground seemed. My eyes darted to the birds that flew through the air…

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It’s My Blog

For a time I did reviews of sims I visited. It was the original reason I started this blog. A sim I had done a review of wanted to be informed of all blog posts and pictures posted online. Even if the blog post only had a picture taken on the sim. They wanted to…

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The Mask

My eyes glanced over the butterflies as all the warmth from the colors surrounded me. I sat down for a moment onto the hard surface and peered out over the darkness in front of me. My eyes drifted to the mask in the corner. It’s dark eyes seemed to penetrate through me. As if it…

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Auto-Response Messages

In the Firestorm Viewer the following communication status options have an automatic response. Unavailable (busy) Auto-response Auto-response to non friends Away mode Muted (blocked) Avatars Reject Teleport Offers Reject Friend Requests A default message shows up in each of the fields; and each can be customized. I have seen some cute auto-response messages that people…

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I’m Responsible?

As I stared down at the bill in front of me, I wrinkled my forehead. My eyes narrowed as I stared at the strange “customer service” charge. I scanned over to see the new $10 charge. I scratched my head and let out a deep breath. After I checked my notes I recalled what the…

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This or That Challenge

Every now and then I do these challenges, or memes, that I run into. This one is the “This or That” challenge Strawberry Linden posted to the Challenge Blog. There is a picture on the post with choices. A person is supposed to go through and circle which option fits them. Here are the options…

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The Good Girl

Last night I went outside and stood in the darkness. A shimmer of moonlight danced across the garden as leaves rustled in the distance. Then a swoosh and high pitched squeal from a bat raced through the area. I glanced up and around but saw nothing. It came again from up higher. So I searched…

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What path do I take?

I have noticed an interesting trend with new accounts. Several times I have gotten an IM in the middle of a store asking me: for Lindens and have a flimsy excuse as to why they need it. to tell them what path to take in Second Life. Asking for Lindens The excuses I have found…

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Adult Writing Blog Lessons

Back in November I mentioned in a blog post that I had a writing blog for erotica. Yesterday I deleted everything and marked the blog as private; essentially closing it down. If you go this is what you will see: Along the way I learned a few things about writing groups in Second Life, sims…

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Privacy Settings and Profiles

Privacy settings allow you to decide what is available in your profile, and feed, for all to discover and what isn’t. It allows you to control who sees: Feed, About, Real World, Interests, Groups, Picks, Follow and Post on your Feed. The majority of the options allow for you to select from: Everybody, Second Life,…

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It seems that relationships start and end with great frequency in Second Life. At the start of the Spring and Summer months I watched as one friend after the other partnered. They all gushed at how their partner was the forever one. Some friends partnered for a mere 24-72 hours. While others lasted a lot…

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