About Sadie

Sadie Hunter is the pen name of the author of this blog, my fictional story blog, and my other adult/mature topics blog. It is not my real life name. Sadie was rezzed in Second Life on July 26, 2019 for the sole purpose of modeling for this blog. Most of the time you can find Sadie in Second Life exploring a sim in order to get a picture for a recent blog post.

The blog started as a way to review different sims inside of Second Life. It soon became more about my ramblings on things going on in my life. I share the random fictional story as well. My other two adult blogs are located here:

I tend to write when I get inspired and can get the words to flow. And I post about anything that comes to mind. I attempt to be educational, inspirational, and informational in my posts.

As a general disclaimer I do not have any sponsors. All clothing I have I paid for, got as a free group gift, or picked up at an event as a free gift. The clothing I wear is just what I like and fits with the picture I am taking.

Feel free to contact me on my contact page, or in a comment on a blog post. I do my best to reply to everyone. 🙂

This page was updated on 11/6/2022. I reorganized a few things. 🙂