No is a complete sentence

“Voice chat with me.”

I adjusted my weight against the truck door behind me, tilted my head and blinked. A strand of long blonde hair with a touch of blue at the end fell into my eyes. I blew it away with my breath and continued to stare into the distance. The man who had followed me since the moment I arrived on the sim walked in front of me and stopped. He turned and looked me over with his eyes. I leaned back for a moment and glanced at his cocky grin and narrowed my eyes, “No.”

His expression hardened and his eyes opened a bit wider, “Why not?”

My mind raced with all the reasons why I won’t voice chat with people. I knew not one of the reasons really would make a difference in the conversation. Worse they might give him things to argue with me about. Just like they had with countless other people before him. He softened his expression just enough. I glanced over his firm handsome body, “I said no.” My eyes met his again.

His jaw and muscles began to tighten. He stood up straighter and squared his shoulders. The shadow from his body covered mine, “You like to have fun don’t you?”

My mind began to slow and focus on the conversation, “Yes.”

“Then you should voice chat. It would be fun.” He took a step closer to me.

The energy in the area shifted and sent a vibration across my skin. “No.” I shifted my weight against the truck. My hand flattened my skirt to my thighs.

After a long pause, “How do I know you really are a woman?”

I coughed and glanced down at my body. Then back into his eyes and shrugged. “I appear to be a woman.”

A low guttural noise came from him. His entire demeanor shifted and his face tightened. His tone lost all emotion, “You could send me a picture.”

My entire face scrunched, “No.”

“You want to be fun and adventurous don’t you?”

I lifted an eyebrow and shifted my weight again. I swallowed and took a deep slow breath, “I am fun and adventurous.” He took another step closer to me. His long arms could reach and grab me if they wanted. I took a deep breath of the now heavy air. The energy shifted again. Thoughts flooded my mind along with different images.

He shifted his weight, “Then prove it. Voice chat with me.”

I shook my head, “No. I am not sending you a picture either.”

“You are boring.” A smirk flashed across his face. “You don’t want to be boring do you?”

My eyebrow lifted and I licked my lower lip, “Me boring? Just how did you come to that conclusion?”

He lifted up higher and grinned, “You won’t voice chat with me or send a picture.” He paused, “I am sure you would be great at voice sex.”

“No means no.” I shrugged, shook my head, and walked away from him. He huffed and then continued on down the path behind me. I headed over to the piano near the ruins of an old house. I sat down on the bench and set my fingers onto the keys. The energy danced around me with each note of music that flowed out over the area.

Soon the conversation with the man floated from my mind. I relaxed into the music that I played. The birds flew above and a gentle breeze caressed my body. The beauty of the area returned.

Disclaimer: The above is a fictional telling of events and conversations that have happened in Second Life and on other social media platforms. Any resemblance to any conversation, person, place, event, etc., is unintentional and totally coincidental. It is a work of made up fiction by the author.


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