A Day At The Beach

The other day I stopped by a nude or swimsuit only beach and found a comfortable lounge chair. The waves crashed in the distance and I let my eyes scan the crowds. That is when I noticed an unusual thing; most people had clothes on. A few were in suits, one jeans and a top, and women wore skimpy dresses. I wondered if I missed a sign that it was Clothing Day at the beach. I did wonder about the clothing being worn. My eyebrow lifted and I went about reading profiles. Its one of those hobbies of mine that I find relaxing. They can also be a source of humor at times.

I started to notice the same statement in some profiles, “If you wish to speak to me; you must voice chat to verify your real life gender matches your avatars gender first.” In a few of the profiles it went past that, “we can then stay in voice to do anything intimate.” I coughed and almost choked on my water. I can understand the desire to make sure genders match. That perhaps it is a hard limit that a person can have. The mere thought that the woman in front of them in real life is a man; is just too much for them to stand. So they want everyone to jump through that hoop of voice verification. Yet, the last sentence seems to me to be the real motivation; intimate voice chat. The requirement also does not take into account people who will not for various reasons jump onto voice chat to say even two words. Nor does it take into account that ability for people to morph their voice. I also snickered because one day I can be a woman; the next I could become a cute little bunny rabbit out for world domination, and the next a deer. It is the nature of Second Life.

I took a deep breath, “Why are you naked?” My chin fell open at the private message that flew across my screen. I took a deep breath and ignored it for a few moments. The man then wrote, “Don’t you have any shame?” I cleared my throat and looked around. “You should wear clothing, not be naked. Its just shameful.” The sender of the note came into view. The only parts of their body not covered were the hands, neck and head. I looked at my dainty sexy body and shook my head. I had no shame because I was not doing anything wrong or foolish. “You must be full of shame if you won’t speak to me.” I ignored them. I did wonder why they came to a nude beach if they didn’t want to see anyone naked. Then figured that maybe they came just so they could put people down for being naked.

I scratched my forehead and went on with the profile reading. Next came, “Do you have an owner?” My entire face scrunched and muscles all tensed. I checked my profile and read it a few times. I did not see anything in there that could remotely cause that question. Then I read their profile and the question made sense. Next came, “You would be great at my castle as a sex toy.” I almost spit out a swallow of water. After I recovered I closed the message. I did resist the urge to look up sex dolls on marketplace and direct them there. It was really hard to resist that urge. I managed.

After a few moments I got, “You are super sexy,” from a woman. She and her partner cuddled on a nearby lounge chair.

“Thanks,” My eyes went back to the water and I relaxed for a few moments. Then I got a message from a friend to check out a new club. I stood up and put on a short dress. I waved to her, “Have a great day.” I closed all open messages and profiles on my screen. Then I teleported away.

A few moments later the woman wrote, “We could have fun together.” Not two seconds after that came a request to be teleported to my location. I ignored it, “Teleport me!” The demand caused my jaw to tighten. I rolled my eyes and closed the message. Just because I spoke to her did not give her the right to demand I teleport her to where I went. I know I was just at a club dancing; however I could have been doing a lot of other private things. I know we are all anonymous inside of Second Life and a lot of people believe they can act anyway that they want.

I then got onto the dance animation at the club. The menu appeared to have the strangest names for dances. It took a while to pick one that didn’t make me appear to break any body parts to do.

*Disclaimer: The conversations and public profile information was summarized. No one was identified by name or in any way at all as to be identifiable inside of Second Life. All of which is permitted by LL’s TOS and Community Standards.


  • Swimsuit: Suellen by EWA. (gift at some event or group gift)
  • Hair: Caddie-Suo colors by EscalateD (bought with a gift card given out by Escalate at a recent Shop and Hop)

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