Adult Systems

The other day I got a notification of an update for a product with a name I didn’t recognize. I wrinkled my forehead and did a search of my inventory for the item. The item and a landmark for the store did not come up. Out of curiosity I followed the landmark in the notice to the shop. I looked around and remembered I had picked up a Stay At Home gift from there months ago. It was not the product that the update notice had come out about. I can understand being sent an update notification about a product I had gotten; but for one that I didn’t even know about seemed odd. Yes, I do comprehend marketing and advertising; however update notices should only be for product updates of products that I bought. It also resulted in my clicking to be removed from the notification system. A display sat at the front entrance for the item; yet I could not click on it to find out any information. I then found the item in the very back corner of the store.

I blinked a few times and took in the information in front of me. It appeared to be a combination of two systems I have seen frequently. The total price tag seemed to reflect the complexity and caused me to shake my head. My mind ran over the other systems I have seen a lot in Second Life:

  • Spankers: These allow a person to click on an avatar and it “spanks” them at that location. The more clicks the redder the person gets. It usually comes with a variety of textures; handprints, whip marks, etc. It is also one hud per area; each sold separately.
  • Cum Systems: This allows a person to have “cum” deposited on their body in different locations.
  • Pregnancy Systems: This allows the avatar to become pregnant.
  • Lips Kissers: Allow a person to kiss the lips
  • Hair pullers: Allow a person to pull someone’s hair

The Good:

  • Can be fun with the right person
  • They can add to the experience
  • They can fill a kink one or both of the participants might have
  • They can add a sense of realism to the avatars
  • A lot of the systems can be set for privacy so not everyone knows that a person was spanked, etc.

The Bad:

  • Spankers in particular add a lot of spam at clubs. Seriously do we all need to know that Joe Smith spanked Jane’s rear, Paula’s breasts, pulled Peter’s hair, and kissed Kevin’s lips?
  • People walk around with cum on them, or dripping from them. When I am laying at a beach I don’t really want to be flirted with by the person with cum dripping from them; or all over them. It can also be disrespectful to show up to a date with cum on your body.
  • Some systems put a log online that you have to delete and turn off yourself.
  • They can be expensive.
  • They can add to a persons complexity rating and lag on sims.
  • They can annoy people.

I shook my head as I left the store.

Credits: The dress I am wearing is Ainoha By Beyond. It was a free group gift. I joined when the group was free. It is now 50L or so to join.

Sim where picture was taken: Bespelled: Universes turn and shift constantly through Bespelled. Join our adult fantasy RP community in our 2nd imagining and 4th year!! Part Art and Part RP Park. Come Imagine with us. Cross dimensional/Genre Magic Academy (

Disclaimer: I am not a blogger for any of the stores, designers, or systems in question. I have no affiliation with any of them. I am also not going to identify the store nor the product by name.

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