Banned? Really?

Every now and then I go through my landmarks to see if they are still good. Or to go back to a favorite location to sit and take in the atmosphere. It can help clear my head if I run into a writing block. The other day I did that. I went to what I thought was one location. Turned out the sim had closed. The new private home had one of those nifty security systems. I got the warning, “You have 10 seconds to leave or you will be teleported and/or banned.” Then I looked up the place in search to see if they had just moved locations. I clicked without reading the region name. A small screen popped up. “You are banned from going there.” I could not believe that I had been banned. I had left before the ten seconds expired. I know a sim owner can ban for any reason. Seriously to ban for being there for less than ten seconds seems a bit extreme.

Then I thought about the only other time I was banned from a sim. It happened years ago. There was a store I liked to visit that had nice lucky chairs, and a place for people to sit and chat. They also had rental property below and a park setting. The signs invited people to the community area and to explore the sim below. I went to explore. While there I got too close to a security line of a house. It flashed yellow. I immediately left. I forgot all about the incident. About a month later I tried to go only to find I had been banned. In this case I reached out to the owner. She told me that I showed up twice on her security system. I was confused and asked her to clarify. Once with the crossing of the security line. The second time I had clicked on the picture button on the viewer. I didn’t take a picture. I just clicked the picture button. She was livid and told me I had to ask permission of the sim owner before clicking that button. As a store owner she knew I only wanted pictures to steal her designs. I laughed because the designs I saw at her store, I saw very similar ones at others. It didn’t matter to her that I only clicked the button. Or that I was sorry for not being able to navigate and came close to the line for the house. About a month later I checked landmarks. Clicked and ended up at the store. I was no longer banned. I checked the banned list. A lot of griefers with almost the same name had come through and filled up the ban list. It pushed my name off.

Have you ever been banned from a sim? Did you ever know the reason?


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