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Blog Awards

Pondering in the shadows

I stopped for a moment to gaze out at the view as a group announcement popped up on the screen. I glanced over at it. It was to announce that voting for blogger awards is now open. I scrunched my face as I clicked the button and scanned over the list. That is when I noticed something. The majority of the blogs up for awards are all accounts on Flickr. Even all of those listed in the “narrative blogger” category.

Since I started my blog I have learned that there are different categories of bloggers: narrative, video, and picture. Picture bloggers primarily focus on the picture with little to no narration. Narrative bloggers focus more on writing, crafting a story, etc. than on the picture. And Video Bloggers are those who do videos for their blogs. However, as these are the “blogger awards” it seemed strange that picture bloggers seemed to dominate the nominations.

So, I did some math. Not including the last three categories up for awards there are 360 nominations. The last three categories were for managers, photographable sims, and event managers. As they aren’t “bloggers” I did not include them in my math. One person can be nominated in more than one category. I went by the total numbers unless noted below. Here is what I found:

The format below is: Category Type, Total Number, Percentage of Total Nominations: (I did my best to get an accurate tally of each.)

  • Flickr:
    • 329
    • 91.4%
  • Youtube (including the Youtube Category):
    • 24
    • 6.7%
  • Youtube (not including the Youtube Category):
    • 17
    • 4.7%
  • Facebook Group:
    • 1
    • .28%
  • Other:
    • 1
    • .28%
  • Blogs (one nominated in three categories):
    • 5
    • 1.4%
  • Unique Blogs:
    • 3
    • .83%

Things became a bit clearer once I looked at the statistics. I know that all of the bloggers up for an award were nominated by three different people. It did say that judges had the final say to determine fraudulent and incorrect category nominations.

Bit clearer

Seeing as how I write erotica I was curious about that category. I clicked on everyone up for nomination. Several of them had guns, violence, and no erotic pictures that I could find. A few had what should have been marked as “restricted” sex pictures. And one I question the age of the avatar and would consider her to be borderline age playing. But again even on her page I found very little to no erotic pictures. At least not what I would define as sensual, erotic pictures. All art is subjective. Since the organizers did say on the website that they reviewed all submissions for all categories to make sure they meet the criteria; they must have seen things I did not.

In regards to the “Narrative Blogger category” I would have believed all of the links in that category should have been to blogs like this one. Not to Flickr picture accounts. I did not click on the links to see if each one had an associated narrative blog. I really don’t think I should have to do that.


After I went through it all things became a lot clearer. All of the Flickr accounts in the erotica category had really large following counts. I didn’t go through and check all of them. I don’t have that much time or inclination to do that. The most popular in each category wins. They did say that voting is limited by unique email account; to prevent cheating. However, I have more than one email account with the platform used for voting. I did not test to see if I could have voted with each account. As that would have been cheating.

After all that I went to sit and watch the sunset.

*Disclaimer: I am not associated with the blogging awards in question. I do belong to their discord group, and sometimes I add my blog posts. However I do not see where I ever got traffic from discord to here in statistics. I also did not name the group; however that should not be too hard for anyone to guess. All information here is my opinion, it is for criticism, educational and informational purposes. I am simply stating my observations based on what I saw on their site, and on the voting page. I did a count for Flickr accounts using “find” and entered in the criteria in question.

**As of 3/18/2021 I no longer belong to discord or the blogging award sponsors group in question.

*Trademarks and Names: Flickr, Facebook, Youtube are all trademarked and copyrighted names to their parent companies. I am using them here because those were the categories found in the links. I am not associated, nor do I work for any of those companies. Its all for educational and informational purposes.

Update on 3/18/2021: New blog address for the erotica writing blog:

Updated on 9/21/2022: New Blog Address:

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