Grant Permission?

When it comes to granting permissions in Second Life users have to be careful. One second you are just minding your business and the next you have accepted a hug, bite, or something else from a stranger. I recently ran into the following in two stores and a club:

The object ______ wants access to take money from your Linden Dollar Account. If you allow this, it can take any or all of your money from you at any time, with no further warning or request. Before allowing this access, make sure you know what the object is and why it is making this request, as well as whether you trust the creator. If you’re not certain, click Deny.

In all my time in Second Life this is the first time I have run into such a thing from stores or clubs. Normally when I go to purchase something I click on pay and then on the payment amount. Most tip jars are the same way. They give options for amounts and a spot to fill in a different amount. At no time is there a disclaimer that I am granting permission for the system to then take “any or all of” my Lindens “at any time, with no further warning or request”.

I would highly recommend if you run into such a thing to click on the “deny” button. Then let the store customer service/management know that you will not be purchasing items from their store because of that message.

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  1. It could have been an object owned by a scammer, rather than the store or club owner. I’ve seen public announcement at major stores and events specifically warning people about scammers giving out objects purporting to be gift cards or freebies.

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    1. I have seen those announcements in stores too. It is the type of message one would expect to only see from an item a scammer hands out. Which is why it was shocking to me to see it on tip jars and from a stores payment system.

      I did check and the stores and club were aware of it, and in both cases seemed to claim it was normal and how all payment systems and tip jars in SL worked. I just think its too much like what a scammer would do; not a reputable business.


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