I’m Responsible?

As I stared down at the bill in front of me, I wrinkled my forehead. My eyes narrowed as I stared at the strange “customer service” charge. I scanned over to see the new $10 charge. I scratched my head and let out a deep breath. After I checked my notes I recalled what the issue had been. So, I called customer service.

“May I help you?”

“I hope so. Last month I called in to the automated system and was automatically forwarded to customer service. They said that in the last system update you’d lost information and needed me to update it with you. Why am I being charged for that call?” I asked in a calm tone.

With a deep breath, “Oh yes. You were supposed to inform us at that time that we were responsible for the issue. That you were not to be charged the $10 customer service fee. You were supposed to let us know that then to not be charged.”

I tilted my head, “When did you start charging $10 for customer service?”

She inhaled, “I went back through your account and that was the first one I have seen. You were responsible to tell us that it was due to our issue, that you were correcting. You should have mentioned it then and known to do that. I will go and ask my supervisor if I can reverse the charge and not charge you for this call.”

After being assured they would remove the one charge, and would not charge me for this call, I hung up. Made sure I had my detailed notes and filed them away. I let out a deep breath and rubbed my forehead. I wondered just how many other people were going to have a mysterious $10 customer service fee on their bills this month. I then went for a swing to clear my head.


  • Clothing: Luas Sandy Romper Maitreya Sky Floral
  • Rest of me: The usual.

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