Silence Speaks

Silence speaks just as loud as our words; and can be many things depending on the situation. Silence can often be misinterpreted and misunderstood by others. Lately I have found silence to be: a blessing, reassuring, worrisome, and painful. Sometimes all at the same time. When I sat and listened to the silence it spoke more truth than the words being spoken. For the silence highlighted the actions of the people around me. In some cases it showed how their words said one thing, and what they did and didn’t say said another.

It took silence to open my eyes so I could really see things. Including that perhaps a change is needed. A change in myself. It is easy to look at someone else and say, “You know if only you did, or were, or could, or you should.” It is harder to look into the mirror and find those areas within ourselves that need work. I had to sit in silence and let go of all those voices until mine was the only one left. To shut off the internal bully and really see how if I made a change here or there it would make all the difference.

On one hand silence showed me that for some people I am remembered only when they want something. When I can serve some need or purpose in their life. Yet, if I have a need; or even something to celebrate, they are no where to be found. Even when reminded they say nothing and carry on as if there is nothing to celebrate. On the other hand silence showed me the people that did remember. The ones that cheered my accomplishment with me. That remembered the important days and took a few moments to say something. Something more than complete silence.

I also am aware that this blog and I have been silent lately. For that I offer no other reason than I have been working on stuff for my writing blog. And the internal bully managed to get out of his cage, removed the ropes and duct tape and started to whisper again. I fell into the trap of, “What does it matter?” and “why should I bother?” I would come stare at the page, start to type, and then hit the delete button. For that I offer my humblest apologies. All I can say is that I will do better. I will work to not make the same mistakes again. I will learn to focus on the important things and let all of the rest go.

Silence can suck at times and be golden at others.


  • Clothing: [[ Masoom ]] Chantelle Gown Gift- Lara
  • Head: Genus Strong Face gift001 Group Gift
  • Body: Atenea By Lucy Body (was an MM Board Free Win. Not sure if its still an MM Board item or not)
  • Shape: Genus Default shape with minor alterations by me
  • Eyes: Genus Eyes some color…
  • Hair: Truth Eternity group gift 350L group join fee as of last time I looked.

Location: The sim where I took the picture has since closed.

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