What do you do?


There are times when something will happen in Second Life that causes a person to ask, “What do I do when this happens?” Below are just a few that have come up lately.

When a new account randomly asks for Lindens: Ignore the person. Close the IM. You could report them to a store representative. Or a group moderator. People have been asking others for Lindens as long as there has been a Second Life. It won’t end.

Someone got me into an animation and it won’t end: I understand how creepy this one is. You are at a busy sim, or just land at a sim and are hit with a lot of popups. Next thing you know you are in an animation with a stranger. It can feel like a violation because had you known you would not have agreed to whatever it was that just happened.

Most of the time the hud will send out a request asking you for permission. You had to click on the accept button. So when you land at a sim, or are at a busy one, pay attention to what you are clicking on.

How do you get the animation to end: In Firestorm you can go up to the menu, select Avatar Health and Revoke all animations and permissions. If that doesn’t work usually a quick relog will settle the matter. Most dance huds have a /99stop command.

You can also then report the person to the representatives of the sim, store, or area.

Someone comes over and starts harassing me on a sim: This has happened to me lately on a beach sim. I was with someone and we were on a beach blanket. Just talking. When I found myself with an unwanted fan. They made lewd comments. Sat on me. I blocked them and reported them to the co-owner/manager of the sim.

If you talk to them most of the time it makes it worse. They got you to respond and thereby got what they wanted. The best thing to do is ignore and report them to a sim manager. Most sims have rules against harassment like that.

Someone hands out a random animated dance or scripted item in a store: This also happened to me at a store. Someone sent me an animated scripted dance hud thing. The name looked strange. So I declined the item and reported them to a representative.

Don’t accept random things like this. There is no telling what the item is or has been scripted to do.

The above is just my advice on how to deal with those situations. If you have other, or better advice leave it in the comments below.


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    I’m sharing this post from Sadie because this is good advice for anyone in Second Life. I am fortunate in that I’ve not been hassled much to date, despite having an avatar that’s hard to miss, but if anyone does they will find themselves blocked and/or reported post haste! —Spiffy

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