Genus Another DMCA

A while back Genus was hit with a DMCA notice and had to close. They came back a few days ago. Today they had to close down again due to another DMCA. I am going to say that this does hurt the customers of Genus as much as the creators.

As they have asked everyone:

  • to not speculate
  • keep the conversation limited to just telling people about the DMCA,
  • direct all comments about the DMCA to their representatives and/or the discord channel

I am going to do that. They released a group notice on July 9, 2020 that in part stated,

While we had hoped the DMCA business was behind us, we have received another notice from Linden Labs that we must remove our inventory and our store. As we have not been given info regarding who initiated this the first time, we are left to assume it is the same person and that it is someone with no actual claim.

You can find them here:

2 thoughts on “Genus Another DMCA

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  1. Look, it’s a little unfair to expect customers to lump it, shut up and not be permitted to comment.

    Customers aren’t Genus and have every legal right to voice their opinion, so please stop trying to remove freedom of speech – there’s enough of that demon-spawn stupidity going on in china.

    Whoever’s doing this to Genus clearly wont stop. They will keep doing it because they know they can get away with it. Meanwhile, LL clearly knows who’s behind it and I think it pretty darn surly of them not to tell Genus, which as far as I’m concerned, now raises suspicions about LL staff members themselves.

    I’m willing to bet it will happen again. And again. And again. The matter wont go to court (again), after a 10 day period, Genus will be allowed to return, everyone will be happy for a few days, then another DMCA is thrown down – and LL just lets it keep happening, when they could be telling Genus who’s behind it so they can go after them with the full force of the law.

    DMCA’s aren’t intended to be used by spoiled brats with jealousy issues.

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    1. I agree that the customers should be able to discuss this. Voice their dismay, shock, and other such grumblings about what is going on. Yet, in group chat I have seen a lot of customers blame the other head creators. From statements made by Genus the other head creators have stated that they are not behind this. Without proof it borders into libel against them.

      The entire situation sucks.


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