Adult Writing Blog Lessons

Back in November I mentioned in a blog post that I had a writing blog for erotica. Yesterday I deleted everything and marked the blog as private; essentially closing it down. If you go this is what you will see:

Along the way I learned a few things about writing groups in Second Life, sims that allow authors to share writing, and a few personal lessons.

Writing Groups

Inside of Second Life it is hard to find a writing group to share and get feedback on writing. To get help and tips about a story that is perplexing; or a plot that seems elusive. Most of the groups I ran across are practically dead. Some had a long list of rules. For example*:

  • If they allowed adult writing to be shared, it couldn’t contain anything kinky, supernatural, science fiction, etc. So no writing about a vampire police detective that likes to pat his girlfriends’ rear end; while he shoots his laser gun at bottles in his spacious apartment on Mars*.
  • Some only allowed G rated items to be shared or discussed.
  • People had to ask permission to post notices, and use group chat.
  • Some groups wanted members to post weekly or be kicked out and banned.

I could not find a group where authors of various genres could share their work.

Sharing Stories

A few sims I found read only from published works. Of the sims that allowed an author to share their original work:

  • It had to be erotica.
  • It had to fit into the sims overall theme. So, if the sims theme* was ‘rainbows and butterflies’ the theme of the writing had match.
  • Most preferred/required the author read their story in voice chat. However, some allowed for a reader to read the story. And some allowed for the writing to be posted to local chat.
  • Some allowed for Linden Lovin’ tips.

From what I could tell none of the sims checked the work ahead of time to make sure it did not contain anything illegal.

Personal Lessons Learned

A lot of my friends were supportive and encouraging. They offered me genuine advice to help improve my writing. They pushed me to grow as a writer and to write more than just erotica. Then some of them started to make comments like*:

  • “Why are you here and not writing?”
  • “What do you mean you are on a break; get back to writing!”
  • “I expected your next story to be done already.”
  • “You have two hours, get busy!”
  • “You need to get the next story done by Friday.”
  • “I want a story about ‘rainbows and butterflies’* by Wednesday.”

It was like I worked for them to provide free erotica. If I missed a deadline and/or didn’t write about what they wanted; they got upset. Having the erotica blog did allow for some interesting conversations; and a lot of laughter. In the end that made it all worth while.


  • I summarized, edited, and condensed the rules I found and the IM’s from friends
  • I made up the police detective vampire example and the ‘rainbows and butterflies’ theme

Any similarities to any avatar, sim, currently in existence or having ever existed; are purely coincidental and unintentional. I did not copy directly from any IM, and I did not identify the avatars by name. I love ‘rainbows and butterflies’. I did not check for a ‘rainbows and butterflies’ themed sim inside of Second Life. I have no intention of checking for one.


  • Hair: Astra by Truth (free group gift)
  • Clothes: Milla Dress // Maitreya by Seniha (free group gift)
  • Body/Shape/Skin: Jenny by Altamura (free)

Location: The Celestial

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