7 Second Life Facts

I thought I would do another one of those challenges that are floating around. This one comes from Lizzys Grand Adventure and is titled Seven SL facts. She got it from Strawberry Singh. That is it. Just list out seven Second Life facts about yourself. Simple. Easy. So here they are; my seven Second Life facts.

Jobs I have had in Second Life: I have had a few jobs. Some might not be a surprise. Others might. Here is the list: Sim Manager, Tour Guide, Hostess, Pole Dancer (strip and not) when emoting was a requirement, Guardian (person anyone called when they needed help), and Maintenace (when the furniture didn’t work I kicked it). I held some of them at the same time. Some of them on the same sim. Some I liked more than others.

I have never purchased a Linden: I either win them or earn them.

I love gifts: I love and am very grateful for each gift I have received. I do prefer to get Lindens as gifts though. Then I can get what I want. Or make sure I like the item first.

I help newbies: We were all new to Second Life at some point. I will help out new people if they ask me a question I can answer. Or I direct them to the group or people who can.

I do not like notecards: A lot of information can be found on notecards. I personally can’t stand them. The font is small. They are hard to read. And some sims put notecards inside of notecards inside of notecards for rules. Before I step foot onto the sim I am supposed to have read three novels worth of rules. Intricate rules all up for interpretation. No thanks.

I tend to mess up using gift cards/store credit: Some of the groups I belong to like to surprise group members with gift cards or store credit. Most of the time they hold a sale at the same time. I get so excited because the dress I had been looking at is on sale that I click “pay” instead of using the gift card or store credit. I end up buying more than I intended.

Romantic relationships, I’ve had a few: Over the years I have had a few relationships in Second Life. I have fallen in and out of love. I have fallen for the wrong guy, the toxic guy, the semi-okay guy, and the right great guy.

Those are my seven Second Life facts. What are yours?

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