New Franks Jazz

Not long after the original Franks Entertainment Group closed closed all but the Franks Elite property; a New Franks Jazz opened. They make it very clear that they are not affiliated with Franks Entertainment Group at all.

The club, and mall area, has the same look and feel as the old club. However, there are no managers, hosts, hostesses, fashion police, script counters, etc. They do state that people need to be in formal wear.

Once I heard about the new Franks and the entire “no fashion police” I decided to test it out. I remembered everything I had ever received a chat by a host/hostess* at the original Franks over the years.

I scanned my inventory and found the dress. The long black one that has a long slit up the side and has a slightly more see-through appearance. As a result wearing underwear doesn’t really work as it stands out. The dress does a good job of covering all the locations it should. Then I purposefully forgot shoes. I nibbled my lower lip as I took the teleport and landed at the entrance. After I grabbed the free gown for women, men can get a free tuxedo, I headed up the grand stairs.

Once inside I found people dancing and chatting. The songs were a mixture of romantic and jazz. I went to the dance floor and danced. No one sent me an IM about my clothes, or prim count. The only messages I got were from men wanting to dance and being sad when I politely declined their invitation.

It is really easy to request a song either by clicking one of the signs inside the club; or online. Their stream can also be listened to online without being signed into Second Life. Every now and then there is a small advertisement for the club.

If you get the chance check out the New Franks Jazz.

*Footnote: Over the years the hosts and hostesses at the original Franks did speak to me about: lack of shoes, not wearing the appropriate shoes, lack of underwear, and wearing dresses they deemed “too see-through”. To see the shoes and underwear they had to cam or derender my clothing. I found the hosts and hostesses were not consistent with their fashion policing.

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