11 Years

Eleven years ago today I first created an account on Second Life. I recall signing into the account and landing at a crowded sim. A lot of the avatars there looked like my starting avatar. I had just landed and they were sending friend requests, IM’s, bite requests and hitting on me. I thankfully was whisked away by a friend who’d joined Second Life the day before. It was from them that I learned how to navigate. The very first thing we did was go shopping and go through all of the freebie areas.

Things have changed since those days. The starting avatars still leave a lot to be desired. Now most of the time accounts land at Learning Island.

Sadie’s first moments in Second Life

It is where they can learn how to walk, run, fly, and use the camera. It isn’t crowded and a better introduction to Second Life. You can leave at any time however once you leave “learning island” you can’t ever go back. if you are completely new to Second Life it is good to try the different tasks to get a basic understanding of how to navigate. Plus by doing them you earn Training Lindens that can be used in the Social Island store.

After completing all the tasks you can leave the area and go to Social Island. It reminded me of the old days with how many people hang out there. One difference was no bite requests from vampires. Now there are tasks people can complete to get Training Lindens and a small store area to get an updated avatar, skins, hair and some clothes. You can only earn the Training Lindens once per task. However it is worth it to at least do one task. With the 100 Training Lindens a new avatar can be purchased; and either hair or some clothing.

The next stop is the Firestorm New Resident Help Area sim where you can get more help. Also they have several outfits for accounts under 30 days old. So it is worth the stop.

Me at the Firestorm freebie area

They also have the Bloodlines Garlic for free. Bloodlines is a vampire roleplay system within Second Life. By getting and activating the garlic it removes you from their system and they cannot bite you. You can always un-activate it later on if you decide to participate in Bloodlines.

Firestorm Help Area also has a social area:

In 11 years a lot of things have changed, and remained the same, inside of Second Life. As with everything Second Life has good and bad to it. I have a lot of fond memories of my experiences, the people I met, and places I explored.

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