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What I Miss About Second Life

Over the past few months, I've been spending less time in Second Life. There was a time when I'd sign in every day at least once. I'd easily spend a few hours exploring, dancing, chatting with people, and hanging out. Then things started to change for me. I realized that instead of working on the… Continue reading What I Miss About Second Life

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The Books I Read

I'm an avid reader and writer. I've often said that if a person wants to write fiction; the best teacher are books. To write; you have to read. I've been doing both since I was very little. I can spend an entire day with my head in books and not even notice the world around… Continue reading The Books I Read

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The Meaning Behind My Name

“A person’s name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” - Dale Carnegie The names we are given and those that we chose for ourselves are important. Typically our parents give us our names when we are born. Unless we change our names through marriage or by legal… Continue reading The Meaning Behind My Name

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Computers Are Great

Computers are an engineering marvel; when they work. When they don't work; they are a source of great frustration and creators of gray hair. It all started when I got my laptop. It ran beautifully for a while and then small things started to happen. Updates would take all day long. Okay, I have no… Continue reading Computers Are Great

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This Post First Appeared On

Way at the bottom of several bloggers posts I've been seeing a notice identifying that the post in question first appeared on their blog. I've seen various versions of the statement. It usually contains the following information: The blog post name, the blog name, the date, and links to the blog and/or the post. It… Continue reading This Post First Appeared On

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Do You Click “Like” On Your Own Posts?

Lately, I've been noticing that some bloggers have been clicking the Like Button on their own posts. In some cases it makes them the first blogger to like their own post. I've noticed that the bloggers doing this tend to have blogs that are relatively new. I've got two theories as to why a blogger… Continue reading Do You Click “Like” On Your Own Posts?

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A Wing Person

My post, "Cupid Sadie" generated a question about the difference between what the men in that post did, and what is essentially a Wing Person. In the dating world a Wing Person is someone who helps a friend on the dating scene. They can either break the ice with someone else, or be there for… Continue reading A Wing Person

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Cupid Sadie

When someone mentions Cupid it's normal to think of Cupid, the son of Venus and Mars. He's the one known as the god of desire, erotic love, affection, and attraction. He had a relationship with the god Psyche, and has one daughter Voluptas; the goddess of sensual pleasure. Yet, there are those people who also… Continue reading Cupid Sadie

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If I Had A Freeway Billboard

When I read today's writing prompt, "If you had a freeway billboard, what would it say?" Three things popped into my mind. The first two were in fact messages aimed at myself. Then I thought about it for a moment. A billboard can only contain so much information and in that it's similar to an… Continue reading If I Had A Freeway Billboard

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Memorable Moment

As I think back on 2022 there are many memorable moments. Some good, some not so good, and some I'd rather forget. Yet, I know that every one of those moments taught me something. They've had a lasting impact on who I am. For better or worse I'm now the person I am after having… Continue reading Memorable Moment