I sat against the cushion in the cut out birdcage and started to wonder about superpowers. What if we mere mortals had superpowers like they do in science fiction. How cool would that be? I know I would love to be able to snap my fingers and have all the cleaning and laundry done. Or... Continue Reading →

Getting Lost

My thigh muscles felt sore as I lifted up in the saddle. I glanced around the wooded path. The trickle of a stream ran in the distance. Each tree and trail appeared the same. The smells of the forest filled my lungs. My chest tightened as a familiar realization hit me. I was lost. Lost... Continue Reading →

Funny Video Saturday

There are times when I go to do a search and it just comes out not how I intended. I look and it's sometimes cause of a typo, or I type a completely wrong word. Sometimes the results are funny. Sometimes not. Apparently some people decided to take those unintended results, add music, and post... Continue Reading →

Concert for one

The harp sat in the corner. A fine layer of dust covered the room of the small cottage. My nose wrinkled as I fought back a sneeze. I rubbed my damp palms over my pants. My heart beat a little faster. The clock ticked off the seconds in the corner. I tilted my head. I... Continue Reading →

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