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A break

There are moments when a break is needed. Meditating on a lake A break from all the things that cause and add stress to our days. Those thoughts that keep us up at night. The internal critic that compares us to everyone and everything. To the baggage that drags us down and holds us back.… Continue reading A break

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Privacy Settings and Profiles

Privacy settings allow you to decide what is available in your profile, and feed, for all to discover and what isn't. It allows you to control who sees: Feed, About, Real World, Interests, Groups, Picks, Follow and Post on your Feed. The majority of the options allow for you to select from: Everybody, Second Life,… Continue reading Privacy Settings and Profiles

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Looking for a home?

Looking for a home can be daunting in Second Life. In my search I found a wide variety of options to pick from. They ranged in prices, amenities, rules, and atmosphere. I found some locations, despite being on mature land, wanted to control what happened outside and inside the home. Some just cared about the… Continue reading Looking for a home?

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Suspicious Call

Listening to the ringing A while ago I went to the doctors office for the yearly check-up. The front desk workers loudly repeat all information. There were several women in the office area when I checked in for my appointment. Several days later I started to get calls from different phone numbers with no name… Continue reading Suspicious Call

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New Franks Jazz

Not long after the original Franks Entertainment Group closed closed all but the Franks Elite property; a New Franks Jazz opened. They make it very clear that they are not affiliated with Franks Entertainment Group at all. The club, and mall area, has the same look and feel as the old club. However, there are… Continue reading New Franks Jazz

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Holy Moly Christmas Market

The season has changed to winter in Second Life. Snow has blanketed many sims and turned them into Winter Wonderlands. It also has brought out the need for warmer clothing. Although, do avatars feel cold? I ran into the Holy Moly Christmas Market while out looking for warmer clothes. They had a cute all white… Continue reading Holy Moly Christmas Market