Worship at the Altar

The flowers fluttered in the cool breeze that brought a strange energy through the area. My stomach tightened and I took a deep breath. The dust stirred off what remained of the altar in front of the large goddess statue in the middle of the courtyard. Water still flowed over her body into the pool … Continue reading Worship at the Altar

We were dating?

"Hi, how are you?" I nibbled my lower lip as I sent the message to a man I had met a while ago. After a few minutes of silence, "I told you not to talk to me when I am busy playing another online game with my friends. It's rude. You have to wait for … Continue reading We were dating?

Don’t Take My Profile Serious

As I walked along the tall grass, I reflected on the comments and discussion around my post about profiles being little windows into ourselves. There are only a few types of profiles that illicit the reaction I had to that persons profile: BlankSex filledAngry, violent, hate filledRule filledThe excuse Blank When I see a blank … Continue reading Don’t Take My Profile Serious