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Change My Name?

Our name is an important part of who we are and our identity. When it comes to the name on my birth certificate; I would only change it if I had a really important reason, like witness protection or something. I'm not even a fan of nicknames. Mostly because I don't like them for myself,… Continue reading Change My Name?

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The Jobs I’ve Had

I've found in life that when we met someone for the first time the most common questions are: What is your name? Where do you come from? What do you do? It's as if those three questions are all there are to a person. From the answers to those questions, and how they appear we… Continue reading The Jobs I’ve Had

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Enjoy My Job?

I tend to enjoy the majority of activities, jobs, that I do throughout the day. If I didn't then I wouldn't do them. I've found that life is too short to subject myself to things, and people, that bring me down. Sure we all have our ups and downs, but the things and people that… Continue reading Enjoy My Job?

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Happy 20th Anniversary WordPress

On May 27, 2003 the founders of WordPress made the platform available to the public. They made the annoucement in a very short blog post. According to their post about the anniversary one third of the internets most popular websites are hosted on the platform. The platform continues to have a free version. Over the… Continue reading Happy 20th Anniversary WordPress

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Who Do You Want To Talk To Soon?

If there is someone I want to talk to soon, I make an effort to talk to them. The moments we have right now are the ones we have. Tomorrow might not come, and remains a mystery. There are no time machines to take us to the past. All we have is right now. If… Continue reading Who Do You Want To Talk To Soon?

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5 Favorite Fruits

There are a few types of fruit that I love: watermelon, apples, pears, grapes, and oranges. I'm aware that there are some places that list watermelon as a vegetable. However, to me it's a fruit. I've tried to grow watermelons without any luck. I do have a Fuji and Honey Crisp apple tree. What fruits… Continue reading 5 Favorite Fruits

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Positive Impact On My Life

Sometimes the person who has the most positive impact on ones life; isn't the most positive relationship. It's the person who caused me to grow the most and to find out the most about myself. About who I am and who I want to be. Sometimes it's the scars that end up having the most… Continue reading Positive Impact On My Life

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Topics To Talk About

Years ago when I first arrived on WordPress I noticed a strange trend with the blogs that I followed. The majority of the popular ones had in their rules that they only followed and wanted to follow people who talked about the same themes they did. So, if they blogged about purple flowers, they wanted… Continue reading Topics To Talk About

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Is Second Life Real Life?

Every now and then in a profile, or discussion, this idea that Second Life is or isn't Real Life comes up. The arguments on both sides can be interesting to listen to. Most of the time the people who claim that Second Life is not Real Life; want to believe there is a separation between… Continue reading Is Second Life Real Life?