What do you do?

Researching There are times when something will happen in Second Life that causes a person to ask, "What do I do when this happens?" Below are just a few that have come up lately. When a new account randomly asks for Lindens: Ignore the person. Close the IM. You could report them to a store... Continue Reading →

This or That Challenge

Contemplating Every now and then I do these challenges, or memes, that I run into. This one is the "This or That" challenge Strawberry Linden posted to the Challenge Blog. There is a picture on the post with choices. A person is supposed to go through and circle which option fits them. Here are the... Continue Reading →

Genus Another DMCA

A while back Genus was hit with a DMCA notice and had to close. They came back a few days ago. Today they had to close down again due to another DMCA. I am going to say that this does hurt the customers of Genus as much as the creators. As they have asked everyone:... Continue Reading →

The Good Girl

Last night I went outside and stood in the darkness. A shimmer of moonlight danced across the garden as leaves rustled in the distance. Then a swoosh and high pitched squeal from a bat raced through the area. I glanced up and around but saw nothing. It came again from up higher. So I searched... Continue Reading →

How are you?

Skipping in a spa fully dressed It seems like a simple question; "How are you?" And one that people get asked a lot. At least I do in just about every conversation that I have. When it comes to the question I have found: Some just ask as polite idle chit-chat. They don't really look... Continue Reading →


Resting Rabbits are cute, adorable, fluffy little creatures. When they are not in or around a garden. Once inside the garden, they can eat a lot. And leave only little stubs behind. With only little footprints, and maybe a bite mark showing that they had been there. Well, that and the missing lettuce and other... Continue Reading →

Two Wolves

In Second Life profiles I have seen the story of the Two Wolves. I have always wondered about the story. How it seems to just cut off with "the one you feed" when both wolves are actually part of who we are. They are the light and dark side to us all. To deny one... Continue Reading →

Coming or going

As I stood in the middle of the room I looked around. For a moment I couldn't remember if I was coming in or going out. I tried to think about what I had been doing. I had gotten distracted by something else and now was at a complete loss for what I was doing.... Continue Reading →

Memory Lane

There are some boxes that have been moved around from one garage to another over the years. I kept telling myself, "one day I will get to those." The other day I pulled a few of them down and opened them up. Inside one I found a collection of old pictures and slides. I found... Continue Reading →

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