No is a complete sentence

"Voice chat with me." I adjusted my weight against the truck door behind me, tilted my head and blinked. A strand of long blonde hair with a touch of blue at the end fell into my eyes. I blew it away with my breath and continued to stare into the distance. The man who had … Continue reading No is a complete sentence

You Talk First

My eyes glanced up at the sky for a moment to see the tree tops sway against a backdrop of clouds. A flock of birds flew out from one of the trees. "Look out," A soft voice carried over the area*. I turned toward him and stopped just before I ended up in the waterfall … Continue reading You Talk First

A Day At The Beach

The other day I stopped by a nude or swimsuit only beach and found a comfortable lounge chair. The waves crashed in the distance and I let my eyes scan the crowds. That is when I noticed an unusual thing; most people had clothes on. A few were in suits, one jeans and a top, … Continue reading A Day At The Beach

The more things change

"plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose""the more things change, the more they continue to be the same thing"Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr Les Guêpes, July 1848 Yet; the only constant in life is, change. In either large or small ways things change. They evolve. Our understanding, thoughts, feelings about them change. The other day I … Continue reading The more things change


I sat against the cushion in the cut out birdcage and started to wonder about superpowers. What if we mere mortals had superpowers like they do in science fiction. How cool would that be? I know I would love to be able to snap my fingers and have all the cleaning and laundry done. Or … Continue reading Superpower

Getting Lost

My thigh muscles felt sore as I lifted up in the saddle. I glanced around the wooded path. The trickle of a stream ran in the distance. Each tree and trail appeared the same. The smells of the forest filled my lungs. My chest tightened as a familiar realization hit me. I was lost. Lost … Continue reading Getting Lost

Concert for one

The harp sat in the corner. A fine layer of dust covered the room of the small cottage. My nose wrinkled as I fought back a sneeze. I rubbed my damp palms over my pants. My heart beat a little faster. The clock ticked off the seconds in the corner. I tilted my head. I … Continue reading Concert for one