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Worst song ever

This has to be the worst song ever: I was in a club and someone requested that song. It stayed stuck in my head for hours. I also got hungry. What is the worst song you know?

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One of my favorite things to do is attend events in Second Life. From live singers, discussion events, and even readings. I find events to be fun and a way to explore and expand my horizons. Some of the most interesting places I would not have found had it not been for an event. I… Continue reading Events

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Museum of Fine Art: German Exhibit

Today I randomly selected a location off the destination guide. I ended up at the Museum of Fine Art at the German Art Exhibit. Once inside there was information and art exhibits everywhere. Including an important copyright notification. There were maps of what Germany looked like during the times of the artists whose art work… Continue reading Museum of Fine Art: German Exhibit

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Number of accounts

The other day in a group chat someone mentioned having multiple accounts. Some people were shocked by this idea. Other people readily admitted to having more than one account. And others mentioned that they had deleted some accounts to create new ones throughout the years. Some of the reasons for having more than one account… Continue reading Number of accounts